Why Managed Services?

Today, no businesses thrive without the smart use of technology. Whether you can afford to fund your own IT department, you still need your digital communications to work consistently, you need your client data secure, and you need a reliable technology infrastructure. Manage services provide efficient and profitable means to achieve all those goals without breaking the bank.

Imagine that for a budgeted monthly expense, all of your IT issues were addressed quickly and effectively allowing you to focus on your business efforts and clients.  At K13, we take the time and effort to establish standards based on your needs, not our con­venience. We understand that Managed Services means implementing your executive decisions in the best way possible.  

Here's How It Works.

With Managed Services, we help you to make sure your technology operates in a standardized, secure manner because this allows your system to be monitored and maintained with relative ease. After a consultation and a contract addressing your company’s needs, we implement these plans with your executive guidance. We keep you up to date on industry changes and how they could potentially impact your system. Cost effective modifications and regular maintenance keep your system optimized for your business goals.

Getting Started

To enroll in Managed Services, you should first select the units you want to cover. Then we’ll look at whether any work is needed on those units before your coverage begins

Determine Covered Devices

We’ll help you determine exactly which devices & software need to be covered. Then draw up a contract so you can see exactly what we’re promising and how much it will cost each month. 

Stabilze The Infrastructure

We inspect each component and repair anything that looks troublesome. We’ll also document how your systems work and how to respond rapidly to downtime and disasters.

OnGoing Coverage

Once all systems are stable, the contract goes into effect, and you’ll begin enjoying smooth IT performance at a consistent low cost. You can add or remove covered systems at any time.


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Industry-Leading Attention to Detail.

At K13, we strive to deliver IT support solutions that provide exceptional value, innovation, and integrity. We help companies to manage their own technology while incorporating industry innovations to ensure our clients have the advantage in functionality.  We do not offer one-size-fits- all solutions because we know that each of our clients is unique and their needs must be optimized for their businesses, budgets, and goals.